Challenged Accepted

So I’ve been neglecting this blog for too long now.  I was recently invited to take part in the Start Experience in connection with John Acuff’s book Start.  I had to pick a challenge for the next 24 days and I choose to challenge myself to write here three times a week.

I imagine I’ll have some new readers from the experience reading this blog starting yesterday or today.  To the new readers I say ‘welcome.’  This blog has gone through a couple of iterations since I registered the domain name.  It is meant to be a space where I can practice and hone my writing muscles.

Part of the problem I have in writing is not having a specific topic.  I write music reviews at another site and that is marginally easier for me because I have a centered focus:  the album and the artist.  Here it is kind of free form.  I’ve kicked around writing about information technology since I work in the field.  I’ve kicked around writing about music because I do reviews and because I do a podcast dedicated to independent music.  I’ve thought about writing humorous observations.

Needless to say I’m pretty ADD about the whole writing experience so I really can’t tell you what to expect over the next 24 days in terms of content.  Since I haven’t been assigned a challenge partner yet, to any of you reading from the Experience consider this my goal for today:  write something and post it.

Feedback is always appreciated.

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