Percute statera

You may be wondering why obscure, possibly incorrect, Latin phrases to name the blog.  I’m weird like that.  I’ve been blogging under Crackpot Among Jars of Clay for so long now that I’ve decided to make a change with this blog.

This blog is the ‘grown up’ blog as it were.  My domain, my name, and for better or worse the beginnings of my personal platform.  Not for ego’s sake, though I won’t lie there is a little bit of ego involved.  My hope is that you will find the writing to be at times entertaining and at times thought provoking.  This blog is a personal outlet for me to tell my story incorporating the people, places, and things that are at work in my life.

As long as I’ve been writing in an on and off fashion you would think I would have a handle on what goes here.  I don’t, but I hope you’ll follow me on my journey.

Percute statera: strike the balance.