Scenes from a frustrated dreamer

I guess it was bound to hit sooner or later. I think I got used to this idea of having all of the free time in the world. Seems like, lately at least, I’m paddling to keep my head above water.

I know I need to cut myself some slack. Things will eventually even out and I will have more time to dream and to learn. It is just very frustrating at the moment because I felt like maybe I was building some momentum towards getting Idiosyncratic Transmissions update on a more regular basis. I might even *gasp* have found time to write more personal musings as well.

Or at least find time to write about something other than this overwhelming frustration I’m dealing with. God help me I’ve got to find a way to let go of EVERYTHING I want to do right now. It can wait and most of it isn’t so important that it will be missed if I don’t ever get around to doing it.

Bottom line, my dreams or desires simply cannot trump the relationships I have and I need to remember that in the midst of my frustration.

Now excuse me, I have a wife to hug and a book to read.

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