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Suits and Spooks New York 2013 – TAIA Global – Review

Disclaimer: This set of videos was provided to me by O’reilly for review purposes.  I’ve made every effort to be fair in my review of this product. While I’ve worked in IT for over 15 years, I’ve primarily focused on … Continue reading

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Empty Shelf Book #4: Blood Rites

Title:  Blood Rites Author: Jim Butcher What’s It About?: Book six in the Dresden Files series about Harry Dresden, Wizard.  No really.  He’s in the Yellow Pages and everything.  Not the best jumping on part if you haven’t read the first … Continue reading

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2014.5 – Time to take back some ground

As I survey the land below I realize I really haven’t covered that much ground.  That’s how I feel about life in general right now.  I had a strong start to the year and then life took over.  So this … Continue reading

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Empty Shelf Book #3: Schneier On Security

Since I’ve read 10 books this year so far and only covered two of them here you’re going to be seeing this image quite a bit. Title: Schneier On Security Author: Bruce Schneier What’s It About?:  It’s a collection of articles … Continue reading

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