Empty Shelf Book #2: Accounting for Non-Accountants

emptyshelf2Title:  Accounting for Non-Accountants

Author:  David Horner

What’s It About:  Cross stitching. . .no it’s about accounting of course.  It is a breakdown of accounting principles supposedly written in such a way as to be accessible to those of us who aren’t accountants.  I say supposedly because I’ve been exposed to accounting principles via my degree program and I still found this book confusing.

Why Did I Read It?:  Professional development.  In my current IT capacity I do a lot of reporting for our accounts payable and accounts receivable departments. I was looking for a way to brush up on some concepts to aid in writing those reports.

Favorite idea: The elegant mechanics behind all of the rules allows for a system that self checks for errors.  Its pretty ingenious at its core.

Where can I buy it?:  Here<–Affiliate link

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