These are the days

The cool breeze wafting through my home office window indicates the seasons are beginning to change.  These are the days that energize me.  I’ve never been a big fan of summer.  As a kid summer is great because it marks that period of life when you aren’t responsible for much.  School is out, the days are longer, and generally you can go out and play with your friends until you drop.  The heat didn’t bother me as much when I was a kid, but I absolutely hate it now.  Secondarily, I tend to burn fairly easy and they haven’t come up with a sunblock yet that doesn’t feel thick and greasy.

Before I go down a rabbit trail of pain and misery associated with sunburn:  Autumn inspires creativity and productivity like no other season.  Maybe it’s the cool air that makes the coffee taste that much better.  Maybe it is the canvas of leaves changing colors before our eyes.  It could very well be the smell of burning wood in fire pits and fire places that triggers some nascent childhood memories of hayrides and bonfires.  Regardless, this is my prime time of year.

I haven’t published any fiction on the web or otherwise, but I have written several pieces and/or incomplete novels.  I think my assumptions, if not my outright descriptions, always include some kind of autumnal setting.  So here is to football, bonfires, cool breezes, and not letting this inspiration go to waste.


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