Empty Shelf Book #4: Blood Rites

Bookshelf Challenge 3

Title:  Blood Rites

Author: Jim Butcher

What’s It About?: Book six in the Dresden Files series about Harry Dresden, Wizard.  No really.  He’s in the Yellow Pages and everything.  Not the best jumping on part if you haven’t read the first 5 books.  In this one Harry takes on a case from Thomas, a vampire who has helped him in the past, to get to the bottom of a curse that is threatening the set of an adult film.  Despite the setting, is isn’t a lurid book by any means though there are some mature themes.  A friend described the series as cheeseburger fiction: good and easily digestible.  I would add the caveat that is has the mental nutritional equivalency as well, but they are fun reads.

Favorite idea:  It’s a work of fiction so there aren’t any life altering ideas here.  However, the author did put a great deal of thought into the logic behind the magic system and didn’t take an easy way out when it came to ‘curses’ in this particular setting.

Where can I buy it?:  Right here.

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