Notes from the road

Vacation how I have missed thee.  While my wife, sister in-law, and niece are out running around a theme park I took a day away from everything.  I’m not a big fan of theme parks.  I didn’t grow up going to them on a regular basis.  I went to a few in high school, but never did get into the whole roller coaster/thrill ride aspect of things.

So I spent the day hunting through a used book store(Midtown Scholar highly recommended if you are in the Harrisburg area).  I shopped for and bought a Father’s Day card.  I spent an hour and half working on my music blog/podcast/webcast site which is probably more time than I’ve spent in the whole of last month.

Then I tried to figure out how to get someone to cover my salary and healthcare for the next two years so I could pour more time in the site and more coffee into my stomach at the same time.  Alas I haven’t come up with a good answer for the later, but I’ll keep my eyes open for any generous contributors.

I’ve had more time to write this week.  That’s not entirely true, I think being released from the pressure of day to day work has allowed me to think that I’ve had more time to write.  I’ve written stuff at lunch in the past month, nothing I’ve been willing to share yet, but I have written.

I needed a vacation to recalibrate, get back to thinking about the things that get me motivated.  I’m not going to make any outrageous promises to write more here.  I’d like to think it will happen naturally and it will when it becomes enough of a priority in my life.  Until then I will give into fear and make excuses about how busy I am and how much I really don’t have to share with anyone.

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