Empty Shelf Book #1: Jesus + Nothing = Everything

emptyshelf2So I put my hat into the empty shelf challenge issued by Jon Acuff(info here) and finished my first book of the year.  Technically I started it last year, but I’d say it still counts.

Title: Jesus + Nothing = Everything

Author: Tullian Tchividjian

What’s It About:  Based on a series of sermons preached by Pastor Tchividjian on Colossians the book exhorts us to keep our focus on the main thing:  Jesus.  It is a gentle, yet firm reminder that the only work that counts in our salvation is the work that Jesus did at the cross.  We cannot add to that and trying to add to that makes it more about us and less about God.

Why Did I read It?:  My wife and I actually read it over the course of a few months, about a chapter a week.  We first heard about it when it was referenced by the pastor at our church and our interest was piqued.

Favorite idea:  Jesus + Nothing = Everything.  Conversely Jesus – Everything = Nothing.

Where can I buy it?:  Right Here.  <–Affiliate link


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